Why Promotional Products Help You to: Get Noticed Be Remembered and Make More Money It's because they are a good form of advertising. Look at all the ads around your office. They are on calendars and pens. That shirt you're wearing...if it has a logo on it...it's a promotional product...a piece of advertising. Travel mugs or any of a 1/2 million other promotional products are good advertising. Any business...your's included...can put its name, logo email and web addrwess message on some kind of a promotional promotional product. All businesses need to make their advertising dollars work as hard as possible. Promotional Products advertise your name, logo and phone number by keeping them in front of the people who buy what you sell. Does Promotional product advertising work? Of course it does. Good advertising is advertising that keeps your name in front of your customers. Promotional product advertising does that better than any other medium.

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